Ibrahimovic Back in European Grass, a Joke or Real? asked ibcbet

A sensational claim has been made by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, said ibcbet. The Swedish striker said that he could still play easily in the Premier League, despite he will turn 38 next month. He also stated that if united needs him, he was there at LA Galaxy. His announcement was welcomed by the Manchester United Fans. Of course, the fans are excited, Manchester United have shown inconsistency performance in their recent matches, said ibcbet.

Manchester United needs a creative striker says ibcbet

The firepower of the united squad seems to be weak. From all the matches of the Premier League, Manchester United just won once against Chelsea. Even, United was defeated by an underdog club, Crystal Palace for 2-1. United was also struggling against other low tier club such wolves and Southampton until the matches ended in draw, says ibcbet.

Even, playing against ten players of Southampton, Manchester United was helpless. Although Manchester United was leading by Daniel James’s goal in minutes 10, south Hampton could equalize the score in the second half. In the minutes 73’ Kevin Danso was sent out of the field because he brought down Scott Mc Tominay recklessly. The red card was drawn out by the referee despite the supporter’s anger. Although Southampton was playing with only ten players, Manchester United still failed to take advantage of it. The match on 31 August was ended draw 1-1, sinking The Red Devils on the eighth position of Premier League Standing, says ibcbet.

Lois Saha, an ex-striker of Manchester United regret the fact that Manchester United had failed to bring in Bruno Fernandes. Manchester United really needs a creative attacker who could arrange the offensive brilliantly. But Bruno Fernandes was rumored to be in negotiation with Real Madrid.

Joke or Sympathy? asked ibcbet

Responding to the Manchester United Lousiness, Zlatan Ibrahimovic expelled his outspoken expression. He stated that he still could play in the premier league easily, and if Manchester United need him, he’s there. The Red Devil’s Fans was glad that the ex-Manchester United player cares and even wants to play on the Premier League, says ibcbet.

But, known for making sensational statements, Ibra’s statement was responded coldly by the United’s Manager. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the manager, said that he did not rule out the possibility that Ibra might come back to the Old Trafford. But he mentioned that it would be a great difference that he will be 38 years old next month. So, it’s not much can be expected from him that he might have lost his youthful energy. Another notion of pessimism is confirmed by the fact that he is still on contract with LA Galaxy. Solskjaer continued that if he really wants to come back, Ibra could have just contacted him. Solksjaer knows Ibra still has his number.

Napoli warm welcome

An Italian Club replied to the Ibrahimovic statement seriously. Carlo Ancelotti said he would take Ibrahimovic with a discount or even free. Considering his age, the price of his transfer might be low, despite he was once the most expensive player in the world. But he still sees that he’s capable to play even on the rigors of Serie A-League, says ibcbet.

Carlo Ancelloti had a short experience to be the coach for Ibra. He was a manager of Paris Saint Germain when Ibrahimovic was also a player there. He confessed that once, he kicked a box at Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Although Ancelloti is considered a mild-mannered manager, he still could be angry. When Paris Saint Germain was lost to Evian in the cup, he kicked a box and it hit Ibrahimovic on his head. But afterward, they both laughed together says ibcbet.

Ibrahimovic is familiar with Serie A

Ibrahimovic spent about a third of his career in Italy. But his first professional career was in a local club of his origin, swede. He played in Malmo FF from 1999 until 2001 with 18 goals. His career is climbing as Ajax recruited him from 2001 until 2004 with 48 goals. He started to taste the violent of Serie A as his play for Juventus from 2004 until 2006 with 26 goals. Another Italy Club noticed that he is a great player. Inter Milan recruited him for three years with whooping 66 goals. His brilliant performance had attracted the giant club Barcelona to recruit him for two years. Unluckily, he did not perform as Milan expected. He only scored 22 goals in total, says ibcbet.

The bad performance forced him to play as a loan on AC Milan. As Milan liked him, the loan status was lifted as Milan bought him from Barca. Back in Milan Italy, he played well and contributed 56 goals in total. His productivity crazed as he moved to Paris Saint Germain. He scored 156 goals for PSG just in four years. Manchester United was amazed by his performance that he was contracted to play in Premier League. Unluckily, Ibrahimovic spent much of his time off-field, because he was injured. Despite the injury, he still could contribute 29 goals for the club. Now, he is still in contract with LA Galaxy, which will end this year, says ibcbet.

His performance in LA Galaxy showed that he is still a sharp attacker, despite the age. And his familiarity with Serie A might make Ancelotti interested to bring him in. he is well known for his agility and brilliance in composing the attack. His tall posture with 190 cm height also prospers him for air duel. Despite his capability, Carlo Ancelotti wants him for a discount or even for free.

Fernando Llorente was free for Napoli

Carlo Ancelloti’s statement that he could get Ibrahimovic for free remind about the transfer of Fernando Llorente. He will soon be undergoing medical tests in Naples before signing the two-season contract for Napoli. Napoli gets him for free because he is on free transfer status as he left Tottenham Hotspur.

Serie A is not something odd for Llorente. He had played in Juventus for three seasons. Even, he had performed well, scoring 27 goals with the old lady Juventus. He got the team for three Italian League titles and one Copa Italia title. He confessed that he was glad to come back to Italy.